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What is the Key to Stabilizing the Housing Market? Help the Homebuyers Find You.

The housing market can often feel like one big puzzle. Do you buy? Sell? What’s going on with interest rates? And is it really as dire as it seems? We see reports that young people are being driven out of Boston due to high rents and lack of ability to buy homes; blue states are shown to have a severe lack of inventory, while states like Texas have seen home prices plummet. Inconsistency reigns supreme. But there is one promising trend—the increase across markets in female buyers, and empowering them, could be the key to stabilizing the market and economy at large.

Until 1974, buying a home as a single woman was almost impossible. While the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Housing Act helped to level the playing field, women continued to be less inclined to buy a home than their single male counterparts. Much of this had to do with the high wage gap and lack of employment opportunities, younger age of marriage throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and of course the high interest rates and low likelihood of securing a mortgage. In short–women had too many hoops to jump through both financially and societally. Read more on

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