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What Will The New Year Bring for Housing? The Answer May Surprise You

Just over a year ago, when I suggested to “expect a year of uncertainty mixed with the market slowly trending in favor of buyers,” that was mostly due to six ongoing trends in place at the time. These trends, including stubborn inflation (and higher mortgage rates), economic growth (or decline), the moving target of remote work, labor shortages, monetary tightening by central banks and turbulence in financial markets all came into play during the year.

Few professional economists and their armchair compatriots in homes and offices around the country would have predicted the most unexpected item of 2023: the Federal Reserve seemingly engineering a soft landing in its fight against inflation without causing a recession.

If anything, Fed Chair Jerome Powell was consistently derided for hiking rates too late and keeping them high for too long, leading in part to a semifrozen housing market with most potential sellers refusing to part with their unusually low mortgage rates.

In turn, the lowest inventory of existing homes for sale in decades helped propel a dramatic shift favoring new home builders and the incentives they could offer in the form of mortgage rate buydowns – against which most willing sellers of existing homes had little ammunition.


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