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Why Choose a New Construction Home from Award-Winning Rocklyn Homes? Find Yours Cascade/South Wind

When deciding to make the move to a new home, you may be unsure about why purchasing a new home is a great investment.  According to this article in, there are a lot of pro’s to purchasing new construction versus a resale home.

Firstly, you can often choose more energy-efficient options. New appliances, new windows, a new roof, etc. These can all help lower your energy costs, which can add up to significant savings over time.  Most new homeowners do not have exorbitant amount of time to do maintenance and repairs, so lower maintenance that comes with a newer home is another great benefit. When you have a new home, you likely won’t have as many little repairs to tackle, like leaky faucets, shutters to paint, and other odd jobs around the house. With new construction, you’ll also have warranty options that may cover portions of your investment for the first few years.

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