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What Are Builders Doing to Increase Energy Efficiency? Help them find your community.

Home builders can learn how to achieve low Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index scores by looking closer at data points captured in energy modeling software to see what trends emerge.

Using all the homes registered in this energy modeling software in 2019 as an example, the most common HERS Index score was 58, and most scores fell within a standard bell curve ranging between 45 and 80. Keep in mind, the lower the score, the more energy efficient the dwelling is compared to a 2006 code-built home.  Read full article on

With things starting to open back up, are you ready for the next wave of homebuyers?  This is a great time to get prepared for when the market comes back stronger than ever.

No matter who your target market is now or in the future, without a doubt, they must be able to find your sales center.  Though traffic is down right now, it is important that you think about what will happen when things get back to normal. Sales are still going on albeit using different channels to reach the buyers.  In Atlanta, new home sales are steady and consistent all over metro area with many home builders hitting record numbers.

Homebuilders invest a lot of time, energy and resources to get potential home buyers to their new home communities but sometimes it’s hard to know where to spend your advertising dollars for the most effective return.  When advertising you need to cover all the bases with the new social media marketing and traditional marketing but you can add the winning edge to your marketing efforts with quality directional signs from Accurate Sign Placement.  You have many buyers out looking for new homes but with traditional GPS and maps the new street names may not be available. Accurate Sign Placement will produce quality directional signs to direct the home buyers directly to your sales center.
Target quality traffic with strategically placed directional signs in high visibility locations from the most reliable sign placement source, Accurate Sign Placement. To get your directional signs up contact Accurate Sign Placement at 404-255-9960 and talk to Shane or Laura.  The steps are as easy as 1-2-3…

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Find out what Atlanta’s top home builders  already know…. Accurate Sign Placement of Atlanta can provide you with a targeted marketing service through sign directionals, also known as Weekend Directionals (WEDs). Weekend sign directionals are an inexpensive yet effective advertising medium to generate new clients and traffic to your new home sales center. Through the placement of strategically placed signs in high visibility locations, sign directionals provide brand exposure, new leads and traffic to any advertised location.
Accurate Sign Placement is the most reliable sign placement source for the New Homes Industry. With over 20 years of experience, Accurate Sign Placement offers expertise and knowledge within the sign placement industry.   Their client base has expanded to various industries over the years with a proven marketing strategy that can work for any company location.  Accurate Signs are one of the few sign companies in Atlanta that is consistently covered by Workman’s Compensation.  That means your company is protected.  Click here to print flyer   The Accurate Sign Placement company services the city of Atlanta and many of the surrounding metro Atlanta cities in Georgia.   Call Shane today at 404-255-9960  to get started

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