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Sellers Are Still Making a Record Profit – Sell Your Current House and Enjoy Active Adult Living at Soleil Belmont Park

Think the market has slowed down?  Sellers are still making a record profit according to this article in

Forget, for a moment, what you’ve heard about a housing correction. Home sellers continued to rake it in at the fastest pace in more than a decade in the second quarter of the year. Record-high home prices helped them to sell their properties for about 55.5% more than what they originally paid for them, according to a recent report from real estate data provider ATTOM.

That translated into the average home seller earning a $123,869 profit on the sale of their condos and single-family abodes over a short time span. Sellers in the second quarter spent only an average of 5.87 years in their homes before putting them on the market, according to the report.

So, the good news is; go ahead and sell your current house and make your move to Soleil Belmont Park and enjoy your life!  Come and check out the five new model homes that are now under construction.

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