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Not So Scary! – Monticello Park/Atlanta Airport

Buying a home doesn’t need to be scary! Knowing the facts about mortgage lending is a huge bonus when choosing a new home. Monticello Park has great preferred lenders that can help you navigate the process with some very basic steps. It’s easy to get started with our great lenders. Let them help you navigate the process to find just the right financing for your new home. Make the process easier and get a mortgage at competitive rates through a partner we trust to do the job well. Find out more

Mortgage rates are at historical lows and now is a great time to get off the fence. According to this article in :

Many people plan to build their net worth by buying CDs or stocks, or just having a savings account. Recently, however, Economist Jonathan Eggleston and Survey Statistician Donald Hays, both of the U.S. Census Bureau, shared the biggest determinants of wealth,

“The biggest determinants of household wealth [are] owning a home and having a retirement account.” (Shown in the graph below):

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