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Move-in Ready Home at Wescott- South Forsyth – Lambert High School

There is a limited amount of homes for sale in this current market. Now maybe a great time to put your existing home on the market and make your move to Wescott in South Forsyth.

According to this article in KeepingCurrentMatters, many sellers are taking advantage of the low, low mortgage rates to sell their current home and purchase a new construction home.

“It used to be the norm for sellers to stay in their home 5-7 years until the housing bubble burst. Since 2010, that length of time has trended upward, toward 9-10 years, primarily due to homeowners aiming to recoup their equity. Thankfully, with the strength the market has gained over the last ten years, today’s homeowners are in a much better equity position. Now is a fantastic time for homeowners ready to make a move to break the 10-year trend and sell their houses, especially while buyer demand is so high and inventory is so low. It’s a prime time to sell.

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