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Final Opportunities at Ellis Pointe – Conyers – Stonecrest Mall Area

Spring is just around the corner.  In fact soon, the days will be long and warm and the favorite season for homebuying will be in full swing.  What this means is that current standing homes will be gone in a flash and those who don’t purchase now, may be standing in line waiting to have their home built.

Ellis Pointe is now offering final opportunities in the Conyers/Stonecrest Mall area.  Only FIVE homes remain!

Not sure if purchasing a new home now is the wise thing to do?

Check out this article in that explains why now is the perfect time to make that move!

1. Buying a Home Is a Great Investment

Several recent reports indicate that real estate is still a good investment, topping other options such as gold, stocks, bonds, and savings. Why? Real estate helps you build equity, a type of forced savings that grows your net worth.

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