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Final Opportunities at Ashbrooke Trace – Tucker/DeKalb – Need extra room?

The main reason so many homebuyers are purchasing this year is to make room for in-home offices, dedicated school space or a place to put a home gym.  In fact, according to this article in; ”

“With a new perspective on homeownership, here are some of the top reasons people are reconsidering where they live and making moves this year.”

1. Working from Home

Remote work is becoming the new norm in 2020, and it’s continuing on longer than most initially expected. “With the sizable shift in remote work, current homeowners are looking for larger /differently designed homes and this will lead to a secondary level of demand even into 2021.”

2. Virtual Schooling

With school all ready in session this year, you may discover that the dining room table is not doing the job. With a need for a dedicated learning space, it may be time to find a home to provide your children with the same kind of quiet room to focus on their schoolwork, just like you likely need for your office work.

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