Easy Atlanta Commute from Tucker Georgia – Choose your new home at Ashbrooke by AWARD-WINNING Rocklyn Homes

Located in Georgia’s DeKalb County, Tucker is about 15 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta and is an easy commute.  Major interstates such as I-285 I-20 and I-85 are within minutes from the city of Tucker.  It is one of largest and oldest unincorporated communities in the state. Outdoor events held on Main Street are a central part of the community for numerous residents and organizations.

From an article in the Tucker newsletter, it might surprise you to know that the City of Tucker is home to several major global corporations. Many of them are household names like Ricoh and Pepsi and other emerging brands like sonnenBatterie. But did you know that one of the biggest companies with a presence in Tucker is also among those that’s been here the longest? Through a 1984 corporate merger, innovation leader Siemens moved into Tucker more than a generation ago. Their testing laboratory on Montreal Industrial Way is thriving today, with around 30 employees doing work that is found in homes all over the world.

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