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Bring in the new year in a new home at Adyn Park /Woodstock

Thinking of 2020 and the possibility of a new home? Check out the new community, Adyn Park, in historic Woodstock. Built by award-winning Water’s Edge Group.

Historic Woodstock is a wonderful place to live featuring an exciting shopping and dining district with 20 chef-driven restaurants and 35 independent retailers. Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, Reformation Brewery and MadLife Stage & Studios. The whole area is walkable and in the historic setting of Downtown Woodstock you can explore unique, locally-owned shops.

Why purchase your new home now?

Number one reason is mortgage rates. Most economists expect that 2020 will present a continuation of the low-rate environment that dominated 2019. Economists predicted that the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage will average between 3.60% and 3.85% this year, which could even represent a slight decrease from its current levels according to this article in

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